Music by Daniel Dorff

Cape May Breezes for Wind Quintet (18')

- COMMISSIONED by The Monmouth Winds for premiere in 2015.
Five-movement suite inspired by Cape May, NJ:
1. Breezing Into Town (Exit 0)
2. Autumn Monarch Migration
3. Victorian Garden Party
4. Dusk at Sunset Beach
5. Night Breezes on the Boardwalk

ERRATUM: Mvt. 1, bar 37, the Oboe's last note should be G-natural.

 A note about the lack of oboe music: I've received many commissions from flutists, clarinetists, and contrabassoonists, but none from oboists. I love the oboe and English horn, and welcome the opportunity to fill this empty spot in my catalog.  
last updated 7/13/15