Music by Daniel Dorff

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Billy and the Carnival  A Children's Guide to Musical Instruments, for Narrator and Orchestra  (14')

BILLY AND THE CARNIVAL is the story of a boy who goes to his local park and starts to meet grownups carrying instruments and wearing fancy clothes. One by one they introduce themselves and their instruments with solos announcing each instrument by name. Billy takes a nap from the excitement and has a dream that a carnival is coming to his park; when he wakes up, his dream comes true and the orchestra plays a concert at the carnival! BILLY AND THE CARNIVAL is designed to introduce young listeners to the instruments of the orchestra through a children's story.

A coloring book is published, and for large orders a special edition can be printed with the name of your orchestra (and your sponsors). The Colorado Symphony has given out thousands of coloring books as part of their Education programs!

BILLY AND THE CARNIVAL was commissioned by the Sacramento Symphony for 26 concerts; recent performances have included the Pittsburgh Symphony and orchestras in Spain.

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          1) The opening orchestral jam session (bars 1-20)
       2) "A trumpet can play strong and exciting music, and it sounds like this!" (bars 33-50)
       3) From the lullaby featuring clarinet and then cello, over the strings (bars 116-123)  

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BILLY AND THE CARNIVAL is featured on THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE & OTHER TALES CD, now available at the Bridge Records shopping cart  as well as and other leading retailers!

Rossen Milanov conducts the Symphony in C, featuring Ann Crumb and Ukee Washington as narrators in Blast Off!, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Billy and the Carnival, and Three Fun Fables.

Dorff's narrated stories entertain adults as well as children and are frequently performed at concerts around the world, while introducing young listeners to the sounds of an orchestra. Perfect for holiday and birthday gifts, music education classes, and plain old enjoyment!


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