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Ordering Information

 For SALES of published sheet music:

1) Order from your favorite sheet music retailer.

2) Order PRESSER and  TENUTO items directly from Theodore Presser Company by any of these means, and your order will be processed the same day:
        - order direct from Presser's  online shopping cart
        - email
        - phone 610-592-1222, ext. 163
        - fax 610-592-1229, marked to the sales department

3) Order LAUREN KEISER MUSIC (formerly MMB) publications now from:
- Hal Leonard Online:
- phone 414-774-3630
        - email


 For RENTAL materials and perusal scores of orchestra
and large ensemble music:


1) For perusal scores and recordings:
Christine Chen, Performance Promotion department
phone 212-777-0900, ext. 235

2) For rental quotes and orders:
Maria Iannacone, Rental Department manager
phone 610-592-1222, ext. 121
fax 610-592-1229

LAUREN KEISER MUSIC  (formerly MMB Music Inc.)

1) For perusal scores and recordings:
attn: Joe Derhake
phone 203-560-9436
fax 314-270-5305

2) For rental quotes and orders:
attn: Elissa Otterness
toll free  855-259-6495 
fax  507-454-8334

last updated March 3, 2020