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Blast Off! for Narrator and Orchestra

BLAST OFF! is a narrated travelog of a trip to space. It can be narrated by a real astronaut or any other storyteller. The audience gets to yell "5-4-3-2-1, Blast Off!" when it's time for the launch.

Several scenes in BLAST OFF! use instrumental groups within the orchestra - for example, the woodwind section portrays Martians, and the brass section depicts the brilliant sun. These groups may be featured in pre-concert preparation of young audiences as an educational introduction to the orchestra and to the performance. 

BLAST OFF! was commissioned by Lockheed Martin Technology Services for the astronaut Kenneth Reightler to narrate with the Haddonfield Symphony. Following the premiere, the score to BLAST OFF! was launched into space on the NASA Space Shuttle, STS 100.





last updated February 20, 2020