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Pastorale (Souvenirs du Frög) for Clarinet and Piano

During the 1980's, Center City Philadelphia had a restaurant named Frög, with a piano bar known for their special pedigree of classically-trained pianists. My former classmates Uri Caine and James Primosch were as likely to play Scriabin or Stravinsky there as the classics by Kern, Rodgers, and "real book" standards. Note the umlaut over the ö to get the froggy look in the logo. With Jim and Uri as their entertainment, Frög became a frequent hangout for graduates of the Univ. of Pa. music department.

In 1994, one of my Frög-going friends got married, and she asked that for wedding presents from me and from James Primosch, that we both compose clarinet/piano duos to premiere together at her wedding ceremony.

It seemed only natural to make this commission a "Souvenirs du Frög," always straddling the line between concert music and seeming ready to burst out into a Gershwin tune. Although it was premiered as a party novelty, PASTORALE (SOUVENIRS DU FRöG) has appeared in many concert halls as well as the famous Kilbryde Castle in Scotland.

- m93, Piano RH, all F's should be natural, not flat.


last updated February 20, 2020