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Snow Angel for Flute and Piano


One morning in 2017, Ray-Michael Kauffman wrote to me upon awakening from a dream that solved a meaningful question he'd been facing for many years. Ray-Michael grew up as a flutist and music lover, very inspired by his mother's musical nurturing. She passed way too young, when Ray was still in college. He wrote to me explaining that ever since this loss, he longed to reach out to her to be reunited through music, but there was no way to do so. Ray had just awoken from a dream where he played flute for her - the music had been composed especially for their spiritual bond, and in the dream I had written that music. Ray awoke with a clear vision of bringing this to reality, and I was deeply moved to be their medium.

I soon learned that Kim Michelle Beaston Kauffman had loved the snow (as I do), and that she was particularly fond of snow angels - sculptures, candles, and playing with her children in the outdoor snow. This sweet image, along with Ray telling me more about his mom, inspired the mood and pacing of what I would write. SNOW ANGEL begins and ends with three gentle bells; the actual music alternates between two gentle melodic scenes, leading to a kind of magic minute toward the end. Ray-Michael Kauffman premiered SNOW ANGEL, with pianist Betsy Buzzelli-Clarke, in July 2018 at the Pocono Flute Society's summer flute camp in East Stroudsburg, PA.

last updated September 20, 2020