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It Takes Four to Tango for Violin (or Flute) and Guitar

Duration: c. 2½'

PREMIERED by Mimi Stillman flute and Allen Krantz guitar, March 16, 2006, Philadelphia.
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Serenade to Eve, After Rodin for Flute and Guitar
Duration: c. 9'

COMMISSIONED and PREMIERED by Eileen Grycky and Christiaan Taggart, West Chester, PA, April 1999.
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RECORDED by the Harris-Coates Duo on Barking Dog Records BDR022.
RECORDED by Jenny Cline flute and Carlos Cuestas guitar, private label.

YOUTUBE of live performance by Ljiljana Kobal, flute and Mladen Bucic, guitar

Corrections to the first printing: 
1) Bar 65 should read 8th note = c.120-126
2) At bar 295, the flute should be marked ff
3) The rehearsal mark for Bar 300 should be 5 bars later

"Serenade to Eve, After Rodin, beginning passionately lyrical and moving to an astonishing virtuosic conclusion is yet another great addition to the contemporary repertoire for flute and guitar."
            – Allan Pulker, The Whole Note (review of the Cline-Cuestas CD)
"Daniel Dorff's remarkable Serenade to Eve, After Rodin is nearly a conversation with Rodin’s statue. Its music alters in response to Eve’s changing moods. The work seems to say that being expelled from paradise is not the worst thing that can happen in life."
            – Dave Saemann, Fanfare Magazine
(review of the Cline-Cuestas CD)

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