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OBOE (and English Horn) 

Cape May Breezes for Wind Quintet

Duration: c. 18'

1. Breezing Into Town (Exit 0)
2. Autumn Monarch Migration
3. Victorian Garden Party
4. Dusk at Sunset Beach
5. Night Breezes on the Boardwalk

COMMISSIONED by The Monmouth Winds.
AVAILABLE from your favorite sheet music dealer, or direct from Presser.

ERRATUM: Mvt. 1, bar 37, the Oboe's last note should be G-natural.

WINNER, 2016 Newly Published Music award, National Flute Association.

Hot Spots for English Horn and Bb Clarinet
Duration: c. 8'

1. Sunsplash
2. On the Beach
3. The Bee and the Horseshoe Crab

COMMISSIONED by West Chester University for Duo Del Sol (Henry Grabb & Karen Danessa).
PREMIERED by Henry Grabb & Karen Danessa, Steinway Hall NYC (October 2018).
AVAILABLE from your favorite sheet music dealer, or direct from Presser.

YOUTUBE of live performance by Rachel Messing and Tim Haas.
YOUTUBE of live performance by Merideth Hite Estevez and Christopher Nichols.

"Daniel Dorff has been one of the most prolific composers for the clarinet, including his concerto Summer Solstice and his solo bass clarinet piece Flowers of St. Francis, premiered at the Assisi ClarinetFest. His music is full of interesting melodic invention and rhythmic vitality, and Hot Spots, composed in the summer of 2018, is a worthwhile contribution to the repertoire that is completely in line with his music aesthetic.
"Hot Spots is an 8-minute, three-movement work of bubbly, beach-inspired music: "Sunsplash," a syncopated, predominantly homorhythmic piece; "On the Beach," a free call-and-response opening followed by a languid, cantabile duet in which the instruments walk in lock step and diverge with a particularly effective climax toward the end; thd "The Bee and the Horseshoe Crab," a fast-paced flight with a hint of calypso and an exciting conclusion. Presser's music is always expertly printed and easy on the eyes. Hot Spots is adventurous chamber music with a light character and a sunny disposition.
            – The Clarinet (Osiris Molina), December 2019



It Takes Four to Tango for Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, and Bassoon

Duration: c. 2½'

PREMIERE by members of the Johnston (PA) Symphony scheduled for May 2021.


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